Sunday, October 24, 2021


How can an absence be excused ?

  • Alert the Main Office as soon as possible if the absence is expected to last several days.
  • Any absence must be given a reasonable explanation in writing:
    • either through a note from the parents or from the student 18 years of age or older (up to two consecutive days and maximum 12 half days per school year)(this note is then submitted to the Principal (Headmaster), who must assess whether it is valid);
    • or by means of a medical certificate or any other document produced by an official authority.
  • These documents must be turned in no later than the day following the absence, if this is an absence of no more than three days, or otherwise, no later than the fourth day following a longer absence. The documents must be given to the Main Office or left in the appropriate mail box.

Important Note on Validity of Doctor's Certificates

What are the requirements in order for a doctor's certificate to be valid ?

A doctor's certificate establishes that a student was ill or indisposed. For a doctor's certificate to validate the absence of the student, the date of drafting must match the beginning of the period during which the student was absent and must be submitted in accordance with the time-limits for doing so.
Several points must inter alia be covered in the doctor's certificate in order for it to be recognized as valid: the name and first name of the doctor, the name and first name of the patient, the date on which the incapacity began and how long it lasted, the signature and stamp of the doctor, the date on which the patient was examined as well as the doctor's certification under the legend “avoir reçu et examiné ce jour” ("saw and examined on this day"). Excerpt in pertinent part from Circular No. 4104 of August 16, 2012 published by the Direction générale de l’enseignement obligatoire [Belgian Directorate-General for Compulsory Schooling].