Sunday, September 26, 2021

Activités philosophiques

Philosophical activities

Hola Hola !

As part of the history and philosophy classes, a trip to Andalusia was organized for the 11th graders of the Belgian section.

This region and its treasures, a real crossroads of civilisation, impressed us even if it was not sunny. This tour allowed pupils to deepen the theory of history class of the second and third degrees (Reconquista, unification of Spain, Christian and Muslim architectures…) and to discover the vestiges of different monotheist religions. We stayed in a hotel in Benalmadena where our pupils got on with elderly people. So they animated the evenings… The group could discover with great interest Seville, Cordoba and its mosque-cathedral, Granada and the Alhambra, and a typical little Andalusian village. This trip will remain memorable for all of us! Thanks to the colleagues for joining in and supporting us! Thanks to the pupils for their enthusiasm and their interest!

Seville and the Spain Square

The Seville Cathedral (and the Giralda)

The interior of the Mezquita of Cordoba with a cathedral in its centre, which is unique!

A nice example of the Moorish architecture, the interior of the Alhambra of Granada.

The Cathedral of Malaga

Mijas, little Andalusian village

An incredible team (Mrs Rombaux, Miss Beydts and Mrs Tamburo)

A brilliant, interested and warm group!