Sunday, September 26, 2021

Required documents for the registration

-          The CEB (le certificat d’études de base – the basic certificate for elementary school) delivered at the end of year 6), the proof of attending a foreign language, the

national number that appears on the insurance card (SIS, not to be confused with Shape International School !)

-          The documents of the previous schools

-          The last report card

-          A copy of the Shape ID card for Shape members (sponsor’s card + student’s card)

-          A copy of the passport for Shape members (sponsor’s + student’s)

-          A photocopy of the Shape bus pass if your child takes Shape buses to come to school

-          The proof of the ITF (International Tuition Fee) for some nations that have not signed the MOU or Shape contractors’ children: when doubting about your situation, the best way is to contact the Common services (Mrs Alexandre – phone number:065/445734)