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How to justify an absence?

  • Advise reception by phone as soon as possible if the absence is planned for several days.
    Any absence must be justified:
    either by a word from the parents or the person with parental authority, which is submitted to the head of the establishment who assesses its validity (maximum two consecutive days and twelve half-days per school year) either by a medical certificate or proof from a public authority.
    These documents must be returned to the school office or to the letterbox provided for this purpose at the latest the day after the last day of absence if this does not exceed three days, and at the latest on the fourth day of the absence. absence in all cases.

What are the conditions required for a medical certificate to be valid? (IMPORTANT)

"A medical certificate establishes the fact of an indisposition or illness of the pupil. For a medical certificate to be able to justify the student's absence, its date of writing must coincide with the start of the period of absence to be justified and it must be submitted in accordance with the deadlines. Several elements must also appear on the medical certificate so that it can be validated: the name and first name of the doctor, the name and first name of the patient, the date of onset of the incapacity and the duration of the incapacity. here, the doctor's signature and stamp, the date of the examination as well as the doctor's certification under the wording “having received and examined this day” ”.

Extract from Circular No. 4104 of August 16, 2012 published by the General Directorate of Compulsory Education.

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